2009 General Assembly of the World Hapkido HQ

President Myung appointed and announced the Directory of General Assembly of the World Hapkido Headquarters - Hapkidowon


Mr. Louis Bothma is recognized as a member of Hapkidowon.

Bothma Martial Arts is recognized as a charter school of the Hapkidowon in Swaziland.


GM Kwang Sik Myung Passed Away

Hapkidowon and Hapkido artists from around the world send our sympathies and condolences to the late GM Kwang Sik Myung who is our president's brother. Founder of WHF & YonMuKwan. He will be fondly remembered for his contributions to our art.


Hapkidowon Website Relaunch

HAPKIDOWON (World Hapkido Headquarters) Website Relaunch more


Welcome to the Hapkidowon News

NEWS of HAPKIDOWON (World Hapkido Headquarters)

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