Welcome to the Hapkidowon Museum.

We will introduce historical Hapkido photos, martial arts related mural, weapons, calligraphy, Hapkido artist portrait, and many photos of Hapkido through this "Hapkidowon Museum"

First, in the next page (Museum Videos), we will introduce two martial arts statues. Because of the significance of the two statues which you may have seen in many websites, books, symbol of award, school logos, patches, etc. However most people do not know where the originals come from.

These statues are at the entrance of the Seokguram Grotto which is located in the Toham Mountains in Gyeongju, South Korea. The construction occurred in the middle of the 8th century. In 1995, The Seokguram, which is the Korean National Treasure No. 24 was added to the UNESCO World Heritage list and is home to some of the best Buddhist sculptures in the world.

In the Museum Video pages, you will be able to see inside Grotto and the two martial art statues. The Grotto walls, floor and ceiling were all constructed using a total of 360 granite stones. The Grotto is 14.8 meters (48.5 ft) in length and 9.3 meters (30.5ft) in height. In the second video, because of the 3-D video, you can see more detail of the construction as it was created more than 1200 years ago!

Thank you.