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International Master Class Hapkido Seminar 2011 Europe

You are invited to join us for an International Master Class Hapkido Seminar presented by 9th Dan Grandmaster Hong Sik Myung. The seminar will take place on April 9 & 10, 2011, Sat & Sunday.  You will have the opportunity to experience first hand his training and pursuit of authentic Hapkido.  This seminar, unlike a regular routine workout will give you the chance to learn Hapkido skills in their purest form, to gain knowledge behind the principle, execution, and practicality  of each technique through the original and pure teachings of Grandmaster Myung with his 50 years of Hapkido experience and pure knowledge.

This seminar is open to all masters and instructors belonging to any Hapkido martial arts organizations throughout the world. You will learn 1960's original Hapkido from World Class Grandmaster Hong Sik Myung in it's primary, underived form.  Grandmaster Myungs teachings are  effective and leave a lasting knowledge and impression upon the student.  We will be offering a special rate for masters and black belt instructors from other countries.

Space is limited, to participate please contact Martin Zingel for more information on the Seminar and to register!
Tel: +31 654325285  Fax: +31 344-572984 

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We will have a special conference after the seminar directed towards masters and instructors.  This conference will address how to operate a Hapkido classes with success in the Hapkido and martial arts school with Grandmaster Myung.