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The 3rd Netherlands Hapkido Seminar 2011 held by the Netherlands Hapkido Bond

The 3rd Netherlands Hapkido Seminar was held on November 6, 2011 at Haarlem, Netherlands. It is sponsorship by the Netherlands Hapkido Bond (NHB) which is Netherlands National Representative of the World Hapkido Headquarters (WHH) - Hapkidowon.This third annual training for all charted schools was organized by the NHB and WHH.

The instructors were Martin Zingel (President of NHB), Pierre van Bentum, Greg Bienkowski, Henk Doorschodt, Edvard van de Bilt and Isaac Sinke. They devoted their time to teach the Hapkido techniques to participants.

The Spaarne hall in Haarlem was divided into sections, so four workshops could started simultaneously. Isaac Sinke and Yonni van der Vlies were interviewed, relating that Hapkido participants managed to make their way to Harlem to receive instruction from the NHB. There were more than 70 participants from Varik, Ophemert, Nieuwegein, Amersfoort, Culemborg, Delfgauw Nootdorp, Den Haag, Utrecht, Oirschot, Bleiswijk, and Haarlem.

Seminar director Martin Zingel and Isaac Sinke asked Louk Franken from Hapkido Oirschot to assist in teaching to become acquainted with the NHB. Hapkido Bleiswijk also came over to Haarlem to get acquainted with the atmosphere inside the NHB. All afternoon everyone trained hard and this successful event ended with the presentation of a gift on behalf of the NHB Kwanjangnim Isaac Sinke , who had just become father of a healthy son a few days before and Pierre van Bentum who had his 50th birthday anniversary.